Urth is a private community that exists only on Urbit.

Urbit is a new internet.

Migrate a Planet

Why Urth?

We need to escape the current internet. Urbit is a competitive answer to where we can go.

Urth, like Urbit, is part of an ecosystem of interesting people. We collect and curate interviews and written submissions. We commission longer form essays from anonymous internet personalities you might have heard of.

Joining Urth lets you participate in private Urth-hosted chats, view our content archives, and support the Urbit ecosystem. And you get an Urbit ID for free when you subscribe for 3 months.

For anyone already using Urbit, we support migrating to our Star with high uptime and reliable OTAs.

To join Urth, you need to be on Urbit. We've got you covered.

1. First, you need an Urbit ID.

On Urbit you have just one account for using apps, talking to people, and joining communities (like Urth). When you subscribe to Urth you get an Urbit ID for free.

2. Next, you need to run Urbit.

Installing Urbit on MacOS or Linux is easy for technical users. Urth users will have exclusive access to Urth.app - a MacOS desktop experience coming in August 2020.

3. Access Urth.

Urth subscribers are automatically added to our private group on Urbit, with community chats, the cryptocculture archive, and exclusive content from interesting independent thought.

Simple Pricing

Urth is $5 a month.

If you're new to Urbit, we'll set you up with your own Urbit ID for free when you purchase a subscription. To support the cost of Urbit IDs, we will charge you once per 3 months.

If you cancel, you'll lose access to the Urth community but your Urbit ID is yours forever.

Are you an Urbit user already?
We are a reliable star ready for you to escape to.

Our stars have high uptime and we monitor OTA distribution. We have publicly accessible measurements for both.

We're easy to talk to. We have a public ops channel on Urbit and on Github. Tracking down how to talk to your Star operator has never been easier.

Urth has been the sponsor of large community chats like Coronachan and an active contributor to projects like Chat. Supporting Urth means supporting people trying to make Urbit better.

We keep and collect only the minimum necessary information to do business.